Israel Warns: We’ll Hit Hamas, Hizbullah for Terror Attacks

April 5, 2012  

Israel has issued a new warning: any terror attack on Israel will be answered with the IDF firing on Hamas and Hizbullah.
The new deterrence policy was announced Thursday night by IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz at a conference in the Gelilot army base.
Any attack on southern Israel will be met by IDF firepower directed at Hamas, said Gantz. Any attack on Israel emanating from Lebanon will be answered by an attack on Hizbullah, he said.

“The IDF is Israel’s sharpened sword and protector,” Gantz explained.
“After disrupting a lethal terror attack, we endured attacks from Gaza, for which Hamas was responsible,” he noted in a reference to last month’s hail of rocket attacks on the south.
“We acted with determination, and caused severe damaged to the terrorist organization, once again proving we are able to protect the lives of Israeli civilians and forcefully strike those who seek to harm us.”
Echoing a statement made in a ceremony to honor outstanding soldiers earlier in the evening, the IDF chief of staff added that “anyone who tries to test us, domestically or overseas, will find a sophisticated army ready to defend Israel and subdue its enemies.”
Although Egypt has denied that rockets were launched from the Sinai Peninsula, it is now believed that at least three missiles were fired at Eilat from the region Wednesday night.

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