Israel Thwarts 20-30 Terrorist Attacks Per Week

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot tour Jewish area of Hebron, inspect defenses • Lieberman praises quality intelligence and tactics, as well as performance of outgoing GOC Central Command Maj. Gen. Roni Numa.

Israel Hayom Staff

The IDF’s Central Command has been carrying out massive operations to thwart planned terrorist attacks, particularly in and around Hebron, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman announced Tuesday.

“We are thwarting 20 to 30 terrorist attacks each week, facing ever-increasing terrorist efforts,” Lieberman said.

He attributed the successful anti-terror operations to “quality intelligence and a combination of smart deployment of forces and advanced technology,” and emphasized that the IDF had prevented “the vast majority of terrorist activity.”

Lieberman spoke during a tour of the Jewish quarter of Hebron, where he was accompanied by IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot, GOC Central Command Maj. Gen.  Roni Numa, and Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai.

The delegation toured defense installations around the Jewish section of Hebron and at the Tomb of the Patriarchs and met with defense officials for a security assessment.

Lieberman also extended his gratitude to Numa, who will be stepping down from his position as head of the Central Command next week, and wished success to Numa’s appointed successor, Maj. Gen. Nadav Padan.

“Roni, with determination, methodology, and a lot of creativity and cleverness, the Central Command under your leadership successfully contained, almost completely, the wave of terrorism and knife attacks and maintained stability in a difficult situation,” Lieberman told Numa.

“Let’s not delude ourselves. The war on terrorism has ups and downs, successes and failures. For what you have done and for what you will do for  Israel’s security, we all owe you our thanks and appreciation,” Lieberman said.



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