Israel slams ‘illegal’ EU building in Judea-Samaria



The European Union (EU) has built over 200 illegal structures for Palestinians in Area C of Judea and Samaria in the last several years, Army Radio reports Thursday.

According to the report, the supervisory unit of the Civil Administration has located ten such structures in the past two weeks and even caught a truck carrying disassembled parts last week. 

While the structures are easily dismantled in a short period of time, the Civil Administration has expressed concern about keeping up with the growing phenomenon. 

The structures, which typically arrive disassembled in trucks in the middle of the night, are erected in the early morning with the goal of expanding existing Palestinian villages in the area. 

Most of the buildings are branded with the EU’s symbol or that of an EU-affiliated organization. 

The EU claims it is building the structures based on humanitarian grounds given Israel’s refusal to allow Palestinians to build legally, but Israel has slammed the move as hypocritical. 

The spokesman of the EU delegation in Israel, David Kriss, told Army Radio that “Area C is part of any future Palestinian state, and EU activities in the area are carried out in accordance with international law.” 

“The European Union is working with the Palestinian Authority to improve the lives of Palestinians living in Area C,” he added. 

Jerusalem blasted the move, comparing it to international criticism – even from the EU itself – of Jewish building in Judea and Samaria. 

“You come and complain about our unilateral steps to determine facts on the ground? Here you’re doing the exact same thing on the Palestinian side,” Israel charged.


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