Israel Signs Digital Agreement With UK

March 16, 2014  

During British Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to Israel last week, Israel and the UK signed a memorandum of understanding on digital cooperation.

Under the agreement, signed by Prime Minister’s Office Director General Harel Locker and UK Chief Technology Officer Liam Maxwell, Israel will join a new British initiative, becoming one of the “D8” group of advanced digital countries.

Member nations are to enjoy an exchange of knowledge and cooperation in digital programs. Those who have already joined include South Korea, New Zealand, Estonia and Singapore.

The UK’s Government Digital Service unit is considered a world leader in providing digital government services to its citizens.

Just two weeks ago Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu signed an agreement with the state of California to promote economic and technological relations.

“The best brains in the world are in silicon valley and in silicon wadi (valley), many of them speak Hebrew, but we need to get them to fly back and forth,” remarked Netanyahu after the signing, calling for a direct flight linking the two technology hubs.

Cameron arrived in Israel last Wednesday, the same day that terrorists in Gaza launched an unprecedented rocket barrage, showering southern Israel with more than 100 rockets. Cameron harshly criticized the “barbaric” rocket fire, stressing that he is a staunch supporter of Israel and opposes international boycotts on the Jewish state.






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