Israel Offers Aid to Syrian Citizens

March 4, 2012  

Israel has formally offered to assist Syrian civilians hit by President Bashar Assad’s crackdown on political opposition. Aid would be provided via the Red Cross.

“The state of the Jewish people cannot sit idly by while in a neighboring state atrocities are taking place and people are losing everything,” said Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

Israel’s ability to help is limited, Lieberman said. However, he pledged, the Foreign Ministry will find a way to help regardless.

“Even if Israel cannot intervene in what is being done in a state with which we have no diplomatic ties, we have a moral obligation to at least give humanitarian aid, and to stir the world to act to end the slaughter,” Lieberman declared.

Red Cross officials responded to Israel’s offer of help by saying they would give a detailed response after assessing the needs in Syria.

The estimated death toll in fighting in Syria passed 7,500 last week. Many more have been wounded or have become refugees.

A senior Syrian officer who left the army recently reported that Iran and Hizbullah are assisting Assad’s forces. In an interview with the London-based daily Al-Sharq il-Awsat, former Brigadier-General Hussam Awac said Iranian troops are fighting alongside Assad’s army.

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