Israel: Jewish Birth Rate Continues to Rise

October 17, 2013  

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics has published a report entitled “the Face of Israel”, with a long list of statistical data from about the various different sectors in Israeli Society.  

The report includes data on the varying trends in the number of births within different groups in Israel.

The Jewish birth rate which was measured at 2.98 – was the highest it has been since 2.53 recorded in 1995.

Muslim women in Israel continued to have more children than Jewish women, although the figures showed the birth rate in the Muslim community had fallen to 3.51, down on the 4.71 measured in 2001.

The hareidi community is thought to be the major contributing factor to the growing numbers of Jewish births, with the report showing that the hareidi population was proportionally a lot younger than others parts of society, accounting for 14% of Jewish people in the country aged 20 – 29, compared to only 3% of those aged 65 years and up.

Religious identification

The report also published data on the different ways Jewish people in Israel identified themselves religiously.

The 2011 figures showed that 43% of the Jewish population defined themselves as secular, 23% as traditional but not religious,14% as traditional and religious, 10% as religious, and 9% as hareidi.

The report means that as of 2011, the combined amount of Jews who defined themselves as either religious-traditional, religious or hareidi rose above a third of the total Jewish population for the first time.

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