Israel Foils Daily Cyber Warfare Attacks, Says Netanyahu

October 14, 2012  

“Cyber terrorists” try to attack Israel’s computer infrastructure on a daily basis, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday. So far, Israel is winning, but more time is needed to build the “high-tech defense system.”

“There is an increase in attempts to carry out cyber attacks, and every day there are incidents of attempts to infiltrate into government computers,” he said.

“Last year, I established a national cyber headquarters to block these attempts,” he added. “Just as we have an Iron Dome system against missiles and barbed wire fences against infiltrators and terrorists, we will have a defense system against cyber attacks,” but added, “It takes time.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu also congratulated the IDF on its “pinpoint targeting” of Gaza terrorists Saturday night and early Sunday.

He told the Cabinet that the worldwide Jihad movement is increasing efforts to attack Israel, and the military is mounting an intensive counterterrorism effort.

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