Israel Fears Second Olympics Massacre in London

July 22, 2012  

Mossad fears of a “London Massacre” at the Olympics Games, 40 years after the Munich Massacre of 11 Israeli athletes, has sent London security forces into a panic a week before the Games begin, according to the Sunday Times of London.

More than 15,000 soldiers, private security guards and police are being deployed throughout the city as Scotland Yard and Britain’s M5 intelligence officials take seriously reports of terrorist plots. The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) also has sent elite troops to protest Israel’s athletes, and the London Times added that a security force named Bayonet has been deployed to Europe to hunt down terrorists linked with Hizbullah and Iran.

The terror alert in the city has been raised even higher following last week’s suicide attack on a tourist bus carrying Israelis. An Al Qaeda-linked group has claimed responsibility for the murders, but the terrorist group has not confirmed the claim. One suspected terrorist was named by the London newspaper as David Jefferson, who was carrying an American passport and is believed to have fled Bulgaria after the attack.

In London, Israel’s Olympic team of 38 athletes is training under tight security at the Olympic village, and British forces have even placed surface-to-air missiles at six locations.

Two other London newspapers reported Sunday that that a Muslim terror suspect has been arrested after he was seen crossing though Olympic Park five times. The suspect, identified as “CF,” previously has served in jail and was released with an electronic tag so that officials could track his movements.

Last week, British police charged four people under the country’s anti-terrorism law, but the arrests were not connected to the Olympics, Reuters reported. Three men were charged with travelling to Pakistan for training under terrorists and for planning attacks, and the fourth person was a woman who was accused of carrying documents that were useful to terrorists.

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