Israel arrests Iranian reporter for incitement

June 1, 2016  

Police have arrested Bassem al-Safadi, a reporter and photographer for the Iranian Arabic-language channel al-Alam, on suspicion of incitement and supporting terror.

Al-Safadi has already been taken before a court for his initial sentencing. The judge declared that he will remain in custody until Sunday.

Al-Alam claims that there was no justification for the arrest, though the station acknowledged that there was a “strong reaction among Palestinians” after al-Safadi claimed that Israel is stealing oil from Syria. His wife added that “Zionist soldiers confiscated his equipment without giving any explanation.”

This is not the first time that an al-Alam reporter in Israel has come under suspicion for incitement. The channel’s Jerusalem correspondent, Khadar Shaheen, was arrested in 2009 due to his comments regarding Operation Cast Lead.

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