Islamic Jihad Threatens Tel Aviv

March 16, 2012  

Islamic Jihad claimed on Friday it has rockets that can reach Tel Aviv.

A member of the terror group’s Quds Brigades using the alias Abu Ibrahim told AFP they were ready to expand the reach of its rocket fire “beyond the Israeli town of Ashdod.”

“If the occupation targets any leader of any Palestinian group whatsoever or any citizen, the Brigades will respond with force and expand the reach of the response beyond Ashdod,” he said.

“The enemy is aware of the range that the Brigades rockets can reach,” he said, adding that the Quds Brigades possessed “many thousands” of rockets.

Islamic Jihad fired most of the rockets that have targeted Israel’s southern communities since hostilities escalated on 9 March.

The uptick in rocket fire began shortly after Israel targeted and killed the head of the Popular Resistance Committees – Zuhir Musa Ahmed Qaisi – on Friday afternoon. His deputy, Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud Hanani, was also killed.

Intelligence sources said Qaisi was planning a terror attack on Israel’s recently reopened Route 12, which was the site of a deadly terror attack the PRCs carried out last year resulting in eight Israelis being killed.

The Popular Resistance Committees are also responsible for over 10,000 rockets and mortar shells fired at Israel’s southern communities since 2001.

Since 9 March, over 200 rockets have been fired into Israel by Gaza terror gangs, while Israeli airstrikes killed 26 in the coastal enclave – at least 22 of whom were terrorists.

Some rockets landed nearly 40 kilometers inside Israel, not far from the outskirts of Tel Aviv. 

Islamic Jihad has said it will not honor the theoretical truce brokered late Monday evening unless Israel agrees not to target terror leaders in future.

Abu Ibrahim claimed the Quds Brigades have “developed long-range rockets and if the aggression returns, they could be used to reach towns far beyond Ashdod.”

However, another Quds Brigades indicated their missiles were Iranian imports, “certain resistance groups, including the Quds Brigades, have Fajr-3 and Fajr-5 missiles, with a range of 60-110 kilometers.”

“But they are not for use unless Israel targets an important figure,” he said, adding Islamic Jihad had obtained Russian-made SAM-7 missiles.

Targeting central Israel with rockets would almost certainly trigger a massive response by Israeli officials, which could include a major ground incursion into Gaza.

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