Islamic Jihad Terrorist ‘Could Die’ Due to Hunger-Strike

June 9, 2015  

The Palestinian Authority on Tuesday warned that it held Israel responsible for the health of hunger-striking prisoner Khadar Adnan, who it claims is “in danger of dying” after 36 days of refusing food.  

“Israel is entirely responsible for the life of prisoners in administrative detention,” it said in a statement, referring to a procedure under which Israel can hold security prisoners indefinitely for renewable six-month periods.

Adnan was “in danger of dying,” it added.

Khader Adnan is has been taken on as something of a cause célèbre by anti-Israel groups, who have painted him as an innocent man imprisoned by Israel without cause.

In reality, Adnan is an well-known leader of the Islamic Jihad terrorist group in the Judea and Samaria region, who stands accused of planning attacks as well as openly inciting violence. One video, taken in 2007, shows Adnan urging Islamic Jihad’s Al Quds Brigades to carry out suicide bombings against Israeli civilians.

Watch: Adnan calls for suicide bombings

Adnan has been in and out of Israeli prisons over the past several years, and has gone on hunger strike before – most recently in 2012, when he was released from prison after a 66-day hunger strike.

He was rearrested last year and was hospitalized several days ago, and he is continuing his protest against the conditions of his imprisonment, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Club.

Two other terrorists are also staging a hunger strike – Mohammed Rashdan, who is protesting against being denied family visits, and Ayman al-Sharbati, a Jerusalem resident placed in solitary confinement.

Administrative detention is a procedure dating back to the British Mandate of Palestine (1920-1948) under which prisoners can be held for six-month periods, which can be indefinitely renewed by court order.

AFP contributed to this report.

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