ISIS Terrorist from Child-Executor Video Killed in Kobane

January 15, 2015  

A senior ISIS terrorist who appeared in a recent shocking video showing a young child executing two suspected spies has become the latest high-profile jihadi from the group to be killed in Syria.

Abu Saad al-Daghestani featured in a graphic video released by the “Islamic State” terrorist group on Tuesday, in which two Russian-speaking men are seen confessing to working for the Russian FSB spy agency. After the forced confessions, al-Daghestani delivers a speech in Russian announcing their imminent execution, before the executioner himself – a young, pistol-wielding boy from Kazakhstan – calmly shoots them in the head.

The video was disseminated as a warning by ISIS to any other would-be spies. In it, al-Daghestani claims to be acting on behalf of the terror group’s “security services.”

But by late Wednesday, numerous jihadi sources were reporting that al-Daghestani was killed by Kurdish fighters in the city of Kobane, along the Syrian-Turkish border.

His death follows reports that of a Canadian Muslim convert who appeared in an English-language propaganda video last year. According to Canadian media, Ottawa-born John Maguire, who joined ISIS terrorists in Syria in January 2013, died Wednesday in the flashpoint town Kobane.

In a video message last year, the former University of Ottawa student warned Canada it faces retaliation for participating in United States-led airstrikes against ISIS.

Calling himself Abu Anwar al-Canadi, Maguire urged Muslims to follow the example of a driver in a hit-and-run killing of a soldier near Montreal and of a gunman who killed an unarmed soldier in Ottawa.

In addition, four other Canadian citizens – all from the same extended family – were reportedly killed fighting for ISIS in recent months. The men were all reportedly of Somali origin.

The battle for Kobane has exacted a painful toll on ISIS, which at one point last year appeared on the cusp of capturing the border town. But dogged resistance by Kurdish fighters, backed by US airstrikes, have driven ISIS out of most of the city, though battles are still raging on its outskirts.

A Palestinian Arab jihadi from Gaza is also among those killed in recent clashes in Kobane. 

Terrorist Abu Bakr al Filistini, a local ISIS commander was reported killed on Wednesday as well.

A significant number of Gazans are believed to have traveled to Syria to fight for ISIS as well as Al Qaeda’s Nusra Front, with a growing ISIS-linked network emerging inside the Hamas-controlled territory as well.

Last year, two ISIS-linked terrorists responsible for rocket-fire against Israeli civilians from Gaza were killed in a precision strike by the Israeli Air Force close to the home of Hamas head Ismail Haniyeh.

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