Iron Dome Intercepts Two Missiles on Tel Aviv

November 18, 2012  

The Iron Dome system intercepted two missiles headed for Tel Aviv shortly after 10 a.m. Sunday. Another missile landed into the Mediterranean Sea. One person was lightly injured from missile intercept debris that fell on his car.

More than 15 other rockets and missiles were launched at southern Israel, and the Iron Dome system intercepted two missiles aimed at Ashdod.

Following an overnight lull, rockets hit the Gaza Belt areas shortly after dawn and then reached deeper into Israel, blasting through a four-story apartment building in the port city of Ashkelon, home to strategic oil and gas pipelines.

One missile struck an apartment building in Ashkelon. One person suffered shrapnel wounds in the shoulder, and several others were treated for shock.

Hamas may be desperately trying for a direct hit on the metropolitan Tel Aviv area in an effort to force Israel to accept a truce based on conditions that are totally unrealistic for Israel.

Talks on the possibility of a truce to end five days of violence in Gaza are under way, and a deal could be reached “today or tomorrow,” Hamas official told AFP on Sunday.

“There are serious talks to reach a truce, and it is possible that understandings will be reached today or tomorrow,” the senior official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Hamas so far has demanded that a ceasefire be based on Israel’s promising not to carry out any attacks, even if on “ticking bombs” before an imminent attack.

Hamas also has demanded that Israel lift the maritime blockade and partial land blockade that has prevented the smuggling of weapons for Hamas’s stockpile.

Israel has allowed all shipments overland to Gaza except for materials that can be directly used for terror, such as explosives.

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