Iraqi Militia Chief Vows to Make ISIS ‘Wear Women’s Clothing’

March 4, 2015  

In its efforts to dislodge ISIS from the vast swathes of land it seized with little difficulty last year in Iraq, the Iraqi army has come to rely heavily on a range of Iranian-backed Shia Islamist militias. The militias are funded, trained and armed by Iran – and even, in some cases, commanded directly by Iranian Revolutionary Guards officers.

At least one Shia militia, however, has been overlooked by Tehran: the Al-Mukhtar Army, which has had a bumpy relationship with both Baghdad and Tehran. Its leader, Watheq Al-Battat, took to Iraqi TV to air his grievances – and issue a creative appeal for support.

In a speech which also included a brief reference to Adolf Hitler as a “hero”, Al-Battat promised that if his fighters were granted the same arms given to other Shia militias, they would need just one month to defeat ISIS… and make them wear women’s clothes – among other creative punishments.

“I swear by Allah that if I had those weapons, I would destroy ISIS. I swear by Hussein, I would make ISIS wear women’s clothing… I will make donkeys out of them… I will build them detention camps in which I will feed them barley.

Watch (courtesy of MEMRI):


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