Iranian Official Threatens Israel with More Drones

October 20, 2012  

An Iranian military official warned Israel on Friday that it should expect more unmanned drones to enter its airspace, such as the one that was shot down by Israel two weeks ago.

“Zionists must expect hundreds of other drones in 25 different models with new flying systems that they won’t know how to confront them,” the Commander of the Basij Forces Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi, told reporters on Friday, according to a report in Press TV.

The infiltration of the drone into Israeli airspace exposed only the smallest part of the power of Hizbullah and dealt a heavy blow to the Israeli regime, he claimed.

Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah later boasted that his group sent the unmanned drone over Israel. The group’s Al-Manar television network last week broadcast a video which the network claimed simulates the route made by the unmanned drone.

The simulation clearly showed that the drone had a camera which photographed the targets over which it flew.

Earlier this week, Iran confirmed that it had provided Hizbullah with the drone.

Iran’s “capabilities are very high and are at the disposal and service of Islamic nations,” said Defense Minister General Ahmad Vahidi when asked about the origins of the unmanned aerial craft.

“It is natural to use whatever we have at our disposal at the necessary time to defend the lands of the Islamic world…This move shows that Hizbullah is fully prepared … and will respond to the Zionist regime.” he said.

A Lebanese newspaper has reported, however, that the drone was not manufactured in Iran, but rather manufactured in Germany and purchased by Iran.

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