Initial Results Show Feiglin Won’t Make Next Knesset

January 1, 2015  

With about a quarter of the votes counted in the Likud primaries as of Thursday morning, some trends are already apparent – and one of them will see Manhigut Yehudit faction leader, Moshe Feiglin, falling to an “unrealistic” position on the Likud list.

Current polls predict Likud of achieving no more than 25 seats in the next Knesset. Trends are now showing that Feiglin may be listed further down on the Likud’s candidate positioning – so unless the polls are wrong, Feiglin may not make it into the next Knesset.

Writing on his Facebook page Thursday, Feiglin said that he “owed a great deal of thanks to the many supporters, donors, and volunteers who joined with me, in a spirit of true self-sacrifice, to advance the ideas that we are promoting.

“I embrace you all, and I promise you that despite the dark shadow on the proper procedure of these elections – and whatever the final results – we will not stop fighting for our principles, and continue out loyal service to the nation of Israel,” he added.

In a recent interview with Arutz Sheva, Feiglin presented his campaign platform, stressing his opposition to the two-state solution.

“The crazy idea of the two-state solution, an idea that was decisive for the Oslo Accords, was adopted shamefully and quickly by every Israeli right-wing [politician],” Feiglin stated, noting that it “left the Israeli public with no alternative.”

“You have to apply sovereignty, to free the poor residents of the state terror regime in the Palestinian Authority, to think straight and say that this is our country, that we do not apply sovereignty only over the entire C as I heard, but to say that the entire country is ours,” he added.

“This is the only country of the Jewish people and belongs only to the Jewish people.”

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