India looks to Israel to help build security fence

January 24, 2016  

The ties between India and Israel are about to get tighter. The Indian government recently raised the proposal to ask for Israeli help in building a ‘smart-fence’ similar to the one that separates Israel from Egypt.

India has been concerned recently over the threat of terror attacks coming from terrorists who cross the northern border with Pakistan. The Indian government wants to significantly lower the amount of illegal entry into the country and ministers have been attempting to formulate a plan of action in recent weeks.

The Times of India reported that “In one of these meetings, they discussed whether India can adopt an Israel-type border guarding mechanism along the western frontier,” a home ministry official said.

Over the past two years numerous high ranking Indian officials have visited the border between Israel and Egypt and been greatly impressed at the technology which they saw implemented there. 

The Times of India also reported that “Israel is hailed to have the best border protection system in the world, and depends more on technology than humans to protect its border.”

The Indian government has reached out to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu regarding the matter, and the Israeli Prime Minister has reportedly responded that Israel will be willing to help India build a security fence that mirrors the Israeli one.

Other countries have also asked Israel for help with regard to fence building technology. Recently, Hungary and Bulgaria turned to Israel for advice on building a fence modeled on the one with Egypt in an effort to keep out asylum seekers.

Additionally, the United States as well as India have sent delegations to Israel in the past to examine the innovations used in the fence which is monitored more by technology than by people.


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