Impunity: Arab Mob Frees Rioter from Border Police Arrest

June 5, 2014  

A video uploaded to an Arab account on Facebook shows just how impossible the IDF’s job of policing Palestinian Arab rioters has become, after decades in which a sophisticated leftist-Arab effort has made it almost impossible for them to use live fire against their foes.

The video shows two Border Policemen arresting a rioter and attempting to put him in their jeep. However, he resists the arrest, and a group of his comrades presses up against the policemen, confident in the knowledge that the chance they will be fired upon is next to nil.

The Border Police struggle valiantly with their captive as they are surrounded by the mob and eventually have no choice but to let him escape. Toward the end of the video, one of them expresses anger toward a third policeman, who appears to have been nearby the whole time but preferred to stay out of the confrontation.

Leftist infiltration of Israel’s court system has led to a situation in which even firing rubber bullets requires permission from high-ranking officers, and the slightest use of force is pounced upon by the media, which demands that the soldier involved be punished.

The widespread frustration with this situation recently found expression in the spontaneous Facebook campaign in support of “David the Nahlawi,” a soldier who was videotaped cocking his weapon and bringing a dangerous situation under control in Hevron. The military initially said that he had behaved inappropriately but then backtracked under public pressure.

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