Im Tirtzu Alleges NIF ‘Embedding Officials’ into Labor List

January 5, 2015  

As usual, considering the source, this report is riddled with factual inaccuracies. Just in the first two pages:

Michael Mannekin is not the CEO of Molad

Amir Peretz is not on the NIF board

And Avraham Burg has not been on the NIF board for several years now.

As important, there is no difference between the friendly connections between NIF leadership and other progressives in Israel’s center-left, than between the hard-right settler organizations and the politicians in Jewish Home or Likud. Certainly Ronan Shoval, founder of Im Tirtzu, has always had strong ties to these parties and is now a leading candidate for Jewish Home.

The New Israel Fund does not engage in partisan politics, support candidates or parties, or fund partisan activities. Some of our leadership may, as individuals, donate to primary candidates in various parties as permitted by Israeli law.

In other words, this “report” is smear politics, but considering a court has found Im Tirtzu to have “fascist attributes,” we are surprised that even Arutz Sheva would take this seriously.

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