IDF Trains Soldiers, Security Teams Again Terrorist Infiltration

January 24, 2014  

The IDF carried out a special exercise with the 7th brigade to instruct its troops how to defend Judea and Samaria communities in the event of a terrorist infiltration, according to its website. The unit also participated in practice runs on terrorist attacks on the road and breaches of the security barriers. 

“In light of recent events in the sector, it was decided that now is the right time to train [soldiers to] deal with stressful situations,” stated the regiment’s commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Yair Or.  “The units are training now as the peace talks discuss the entrance [of Palestinian Authority forces] into the region, and we have addressed all of the various possibilities.” 

The training exercise included a trial run of a terrorist infiltration on the Adora community. In 2002, a terrorist broke in and killed four people. “We practice the break-in and murder scenario from time to time, because there have unfortunately been several incidents like this in the past,” the commander explained. “The last incident like this was the murder of the Fogel family in Itamar” in 2011. 

“The mission is to locate the break-in as early as possible, isolate the residence and eliminate the terrorists,” Lt. Col. Or continued. “Then, a complete search of the community is conducted to check for other dead and wounded.” 

The operation was carried out through a joint effort between the security officer responsible for coordinating with the IDF in Adora and the community’s own auxiliary forces.

“The regiment performed the exercise well,” Lt. Col. Or stated. “It is clear to the soldiers who they should protect, and in which scenarios. They are willing to give their lives to protect Israeli citizens.” 

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