IDF: Struggle for Security in the North is Ongoing

January 28, 2015  

The struggle to attain security along Israel’s northern borders is only beginning, IDF spokesman Major General Moti Almoz stated Wednesday night. 

Almoz said that tensions in the north did not begin last week – after several incidents were reported along the border after an IAF airstrike in Syria – and “it will not end tomorrow.” 

“This is a long struggle for the security of the State of Israel and residents of the North,” he said. 

“Events over the past few days have been handled under our complete control, discretion, and responsibility,” he continued. “IDF forces have increased their presence greatly in the area and we are on high alert.”

Despite this, Almoz insisted to residents of northern communities that they should return to daily life. 

“We are here and you can continue your daily routine,” he said, “and if the situation gets worse or we need to take further steps, we will update you.” 

He declined to comment on reports that the soldiers were driving an armored vehicle in the area. 

“I do not want to make statements,” he said. “The question is important and the IDF conducts investigations and I suggest everyone wait patiently for comment on the issues.” 

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