IDF Stops Infiltration on Syrian Border

August 4, 2012  

A Syrian man attempted to infiltrate northern Israel on Saturday. The man disguised himself as a shepherd in order to get close to the border fence, then attempted to cut through the fence.

Soldiers spotted the man and fired warning shots. When the man did not respond, they fired at his legs.

The would-be infiltrator was hit. He was taken for medical care in Syria, and his condition is not clear.

IDF commanders believe the man planned to either carry out a terrorist attack or gather information in preparation for an attack. A senior commander in the Golan region told Arutz Sheva that there have been several recent attempts to approach the border fence, all by men disguised as shepherds.

The IDF recently increased its presence on the border. Fighting within Syria has spilled toward its borders, leading neighbors Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan to beef up their border security as well.

In July, several hundred Syrian soldiers crossed into the Golan Heights demilitarized zone. Israel filed a complaint over the incident, which violated a ceasefire deal.

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