IDF Soldiers are Nominees for Miss Israel 2013 Pageant

February 27, 2013  

They’re paratrooper instructors, Air Force operators, squad instructors and logistic specialists. That’s right – this year, six of 20 nominees for the Miss Israel pageant are IDF soldiers.

Sgt. Gaya Shukun, one of the nominees, sees her participation in the competition as a mission. “I have a feeling that a lot of the models join the competition because they want to represent their country. Now that I’m in the army, I have a better insight into the real Israel. I see how badly we’re portrayed in the international arena, and as an IDF soldier, I feel a responsibility to better explain what really happens here.”

Sgt. Adi Levy says that her fellow soldiers are all behind her. “When I got into the competition, my commanders were really supportive. Their encouragement is something I really appreciated.”

We wish all contestants good luck.

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  1. By maccabette, March 4, 2013

    Israeli girls are out of this world!
    They are so beautiful!

  2. By Lane Dusenberry, October 3, 2014

    I know none of you by name, but I stand behind all of you. You are not just some pretty faces, but patriots, highly trained defenders of the truth, and role models for just about anyone. I salute you for your courage, belief, and motivation. Long live Israel !


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