IDF Sinai Patrol Foils Second Mass Casualty Terror Plot

February 27, 2012  

Released for publication: A routine IDF patrol at the Sinai border last Thursday found explosives and prevented another mass casualty terror attack.

The military described the discovered bag is being very large and filled with explosives. It was discovered after soldiers identified a suspicious man who fled as they tried to arrest him.

Sappers neutralized the explosives, and no one was injured.

The incident was a repeat performance of an incident last week when soldiers saw terrorists trying to cross the border under the cover of darkness. The following morning, the troops found the bag of explosives, which apparently was destined for terrorists to carry out a large-scale attack on an army post or urban center.

Once past the Sinai border, there are no regular checkpoints to stop terrorists from reaching Be’er Sheva, Jerusalem, metropolitan Tel Aviv and Haifa.

IDF spokesmen said that “terrorists’ attempts are backed by Gaza-based terrorists who try to take advantage of criminals who conduct smuggling operations from the Sinai Peninsula.”

The IDF recently has beefed up border patrol and has established a new brigade to patrol the border, which extends from Gaza and southeast to Eilat.

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