IDF prepares new war on terror in Judea

October 28, 2015  

Following the stabbing of a woman outside a Rami Levy supermarket in Judea’s Gush Etzion, which caps off a rising terror wave, IDF and regional leaders in Gush Etzion held an appraisal of the situation on Wednesday night.

The meeting was led by Etzion Division Commander Col. Roman Gufman, Gush Etzion regional council head David Perl, police representatives from the Hevron district, and additional representatives involved in the security of Gush Etzion Junction where the attack occurred.

In the meeting it was decided to launch a bevy of new measures including a thickening of the security branch in the Gush Etzion Junction area, as well as establishing additional infrastructures to raise the security in the region.

After the meeting Perl spoke with Arutz Sheva and described the attack that took place at the supermarket, in which a woman was stabbed in her back and moderately wounded by an Arab terrorist who was apprehended.

Perl revealed that the terrorist arrived from Hevron in a taxi, noting, “apparently there was cooperation here by sources in Hevron.”

“We understand that they’re trying to disrupt our normal fabric of life, and we apparently will have to prepare ourselves differently; the IDF understands that today too.”

The regional head called on the government to step up the war against terror by launching an uncompromising attack on terrorists, because the terror “appears to be becoming more and more organized here in the region.”

Perl said he spoke with local IDF commanders who “see things eye to eye” and understand that the situation cannot continue as it is. He said he was told by the military leaders that they hope to receive permission from above to take steps regarding separating Jews and Arabs and beefing the security presence in the area, and also “more significant fighting against terror.”

Earlier Perl responded to the attack by saying, “stabbing attacks have become a dangerous routine that we must not get used to.”

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