IDF: No Demands A Good Sign

June 23, 2014  

The IDF stands by its assessment that the three Israeli teens kidnapped by Hamas terrorists are still alive, and officials are hopeful that the “golden clue,” the piece of data that leads to their discovery and rescue, will come in at any moment.

One of the reasons officials are hopeful that the youths will be found alive is because no demands have been made by any terrorist group yet – indicating that they are still being held where Israel can reach and rescue them.

The army has questioned hundreds of individuals suspected of having information, and has zeroed in on several as prime sources of information. Earlier Monday, officials said that they had made significant progress in the investigation, but still had a way to go.

“There are gaps in the stories that the suspects are telling us, which leads us to believe that they are hiding information,” said an IDF official Monday. The fact that no one has yet taken responsibility for the kidnapping is actually a hopeful sign, the official said. “Either they haven’t reached their final destination, or they are waiting for the situation to calm down before they make demands.”

But according to the offiicial, things aren’t going to calm down any time soon. “Situations like these cannot be resolved until the victims are found, and we intend to continue searching until they are found.”

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