IDF Hits Missile Site Under Soccer Field

November 19, 2012  

The IDF Sunday night bombed a Gaza City soccer field that camouflaged a Hamas underground missile launching site it used to attack Tel Aviv last Friday.

Use of the soccer field to attack Israel explains several Hamas claims in the past that Israel has attacked children playing soccer.

Covering an underground missile site with a soccer field is part of Hamas’s strategy to use civilian sites for terrorist activities.

The strategy has been effective in causing deaths to civilians who live in homes that are used to house terrorists or serve as weapons depots.

Hamas has claimed that dozens of civilians have been killed in Operation Pillar of Defense, and mainstream media has repeated the claims without verification.

The IDF reiterated to Arutz Sheva on Monday that it knows of no injuries to journalists, as claimed by Hamas and repeated by foreign media after the Air Force bombed a Hamas communications antenna on Sunday.

The Air Force also eliminated two terrorists on a motorcycle Monday. Hamas initially told media the terrorists were journalists but later retracted the claim.

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