IDF Escorts Medical Equipment to Gaza

October 22, 2012  

The IDF continues to escort and provide safe passage for foreign aid to Hamas-controlled Gaza, days after stopping a ship trying to break the maritime blockade. After the boat named “Estelle” was guided to the port of Ashdod, military inspectors discovered that all that was on board the ship were activists, but no aid.

Israel has blocked contributions to Gaza via the Mediterranean Sea to prevent smuggling for terrorists and weapons. The IDF supervises and escorts donations through Gaza land crossings, as it did this week when Germany delivered three new ambulances and medical equipment.

COGAT representatives and officers from the Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration worked with Red Cross officials to coordinate the donation from the German branch of the Red Cross.  

The donated medical equipment included long and short spinal boards, foldable stretchers, stair compatible wheel chairs, stethoscopes, finger pulse oxymeters, electrical thermometers and CPR manikins.

COGAT is a unit within the IDF responsible for the transport of aid into both the Judea and Samaria region and Gaza.

It works with the Coordination and Liaison Administration of Gaza and the Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria to facilitate the transfer of supplies including gas, building materials, electrical appliances, ceramic parts, hygienic products, wheat and other foods.

The alleged land blockade does not exist except for materials that can be directly used for terrorist activities, such as assembling rockets.

After years of claims from Hamas that Gaza is facing an “imminent” humanitarian disaster, the United Nations declared two years ago that no such situation exists.

Under the Hamas regime, the gap between rich and poor has grown. Hamas controls commerce and heavily taxes operators of smuggling tunnels, whose profits have enabled them to become multi-millionaires.

Last week, there was a rush in Gaza for new iPhones, and previous Arutz Sheva reports have documented opulent restaurants and malls throughout the Gaza region.

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