Hundreds participate in tour around Temple Mount Gates

August 7, 2016  

Some 1,200 participants from place throughout Israel came to the “encircling the gates” event around the gates of the Temple Mount, this time to mark the beginning of the month of Av and the Jewish period of mourning for the destruction of the Temple.

The participants walked around the gates singing and dancing, while no musical instruments were played in accordance with Jewish custom during the mourning period, and singer “Yirmiyahu” sang songs of yearning for the rebuilding of the Temple.

The marchers stopped in front of every one of the Temple Mount gates and recited the Psalms that refer to the ascent to the Temple.

The event, coming after two months in which the police hadn’t allowed it to take place due to the Muslim month of Ramadan, was dedicated to the memory of Hallel-Yaffa Ariel, who was murdered in her bed in Kiryat Arba.

The event has been held for 14 straight years and has been attended by hundreds of thousands of Jews from all sects and all walks of life. It is organized by the “El Har Hamor” institute, and is aimed at forging a greater connection between the Jewish people and the place where the Temple once stood, and creating greater hope for its rebuilding.


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