‘Huge sums from abroad are funding Arab terror’

January 24, 2016  

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) responded on Sunday to the details of the investigation in Dafna Meir’s murder released earlier in the day, showing the terrorist who stabbed her to death at her doorstep in Otniel, Judea was incited by Palestinian TV.

The investigation by the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) found that the 16-year-old terrorist had watched Palestinian TV which presented Israel as “executing young Palestinians,” and then last Sunday went out to Otniel and murdered Meir. Her children, three of whom were in the home as the time, report she prevented him from pulling out the knife to continue stabbing, thereby saving their lives.

“The murderer of Dafna Meir was the product of the wild incitement of the Palestinian Authority (PA),” said Hotovely, noting the constant incitement by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s organization and Fatah faction.

Hotovely continued, saying, “the Shabak (ISA) proved that there is a direct connection between incitement and horrific acts of terror that we are witnessing in the recent period.”

The TV incitement in Meir’s murder is far from an isolated event. Muhaned Al-Okabi, a Bedouin citizen of Israel who conducted a lethal attack on Be’er Sheva’s central station last October, watched Palestinian TV and was motivated by it to launch his attack and murder Jews.

The world must hold a reckoning over the hundreds of millions of dollars it funnels to the PA, Hotovely emphasized.

“This money goes to incitement, this money ignites terror,” she said. “This is what I tell heads of states who stream money to the (Palestinian) Authority’s mechanisms: check where the money is going.”

Hotovely recently published figures showing that the PA continues to fund terrorism and support terrorists, both by broadcasting programs inciting terror, and actively financing the family’s of terrorists, with the relatives of those who succeeded in murdering Israelis receiving a larger kickback.

In an article in the Wall Street Journal, Hotovely called on the international community to condition its funding of the PA on a close inspection of whether or not it will stop inciting terror and funding the families of terrorists.

In meetings with European foreign ministers, Hotovely emphasized the direct harm caused to Israeli civilians due to the continued incitement propped up by foreign funds, given that the PA is highly debt ridden.

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