How Small is Israel?

May 12, 2012  

Vital Statistics

Population of Israel

Israel size
8,000 sq miles
Note: Israel could fit into Florida 8 times
263 miles long – North to South
Width: between 9 and 71 miles wide (East to West)

Available land useful for farming 15.45%
Rest is metropolitan areas, mountains and desert.

Population breakdown
Jews: 5,393,600 – 76%
Arab (Muslim, Druze): 1,413,500 – 20%
Others: 309,100 4%

Declaration of Independence: 14 May 1948
Official Languages: Hebrew and Arabic
Rivers: One – the Jordan River

World Populations
6.7 billion people
12.9 million Jews (0.2% of the world population)
1.48 billion Muslims (25% of the world population)

Israeli workforce holding university degrees: 24%
– ranking Israel third in the industrialized world after the US and Netherlands.
Israeli workforce holding advanced degrees: 12%

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Robert Hall May 10, 2021
| |

Now why would I want to help a country bent on stealing land, homes and resources? Why would I want to support a country that routinely violates human rights with a set of antiquated and biased laws bent on subjugating a population because of being a Palestinian? Bent on murdering children. Fuck you.

ruth October 31, 2012
| |

never realized that Israel was that small !
You would think that the world could forget about it and leave it in peace

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