How Small is Israel?

May 12, 2012  

Vital Statistics

Population of Israel

Israel size
8,000 sq miles
Note: Israel could fit into Florida 8 times
263 miles long – North to South
Width: between 9 and 71 miles wide (East to West)

Available land useful for farming 15.45%
Rest is metropolitan areas, mountains and desert.

Population breakdown
Jews: 5,393,600 – 76%
Arab (Muslim, Druze): 1,413,500 – 20%
Others: 309,100 4%

Declaration of Independence: 14 May 1948
Official Languages: Hebrew and Arabic
Rivers: One – the Jordan River

World Populations
6.7 billion people
12.9 million Jews (0.2% of the world population)
1.48 billion Muslims (25% of the world population)

Israeli workforce holding university degrees: 24%
– ranking Israel third in the industrialized world after the US and Netherlands.
Israeli workforce holding advanced degrees: 12%

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  1. By ruth, October 31, 2012

    never realized that Israel was that small !
    You would think that the world could forget about it and leave it in peace

    • By CantSilenceTheTruth, November 13, 2012

      Yes… and conveniently forget about the literal millions of displaced Palestinians along with that.
      But of course, such speculation defeats the propaganda in this article.

  2. By Robert Hall, May 9, 2021

    Now why would I want to help a country bent on stealing land, homes and resources? Why would I want to support a country that routinely violates human rights with a set of antiquated and biased laws bent on subjugating a population because of being a Palestinian? Bent on murdering children. Fuck you.


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