How Jewish Jazz is a ‘hint’ of the coming redemption

October 27, 2015  

Arutz Sheva got the chance to sit down with famed “Jewish Jazz” musician Daniel Zamir as he releases his new album “Alive.”

Zamir said that as a visibly religious Jew, he “tries not to make an issue” of his identity outside of Israel, instead stressing the “unity of all mankind” in a call for people to embrace their differences and respect each other.

The singer and saxophonist said that he takes the improvisation from jazz and “fuses that with Jewish elements,” allowing for a great deal of self expression.

He noted that since the destruction of the Holy Temple, Jewish music reflects locations in the exile where Jews found themselves, adding that “what’s special now and here” is that “everything is open and out in the air” with the various sources forming into a new sound that is a “hint for the redemption that’s coming.”

Zamir has so far released nine studio albums, five of them internationally and four in Israel.

His new “Alive” album consists of live performances, and includes famed Israeli singers Aharon Raziel, Berri Sakharoff and Eviatar Banai.

In 2010, Zamir won the Prime Minister Award for excellent Jazz composer, becoming the youngest to do so. He has performed with top Israeli artists and famous musicians abroad including Matisyahu.

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