Hotovely: I Am in the #20 Spot

January 25, 2015  

MK Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) said on Saturday night that the Likud upper court’s ruling from Friday to recount all the votes in the party primaries was contrary to the decision of the head of the Likud’s Election Commission, Judge Menachem Ne’eman, and would unnecessarily hurt the party.

“Judge Ne’eman and the Election Commission ruled that I am in the 20th spot on the list, after two weeks of deliberating the case and after they recounted the votes,” said Hotovely, who criticized the appeal against the results that was filed by Avi Dichter, who was originally slated for the #20 spot, and who was bumped to a less-realistic 26th place.

According to Hotovely, Michael Kleiner who heads the Likud court, has no authority to change Judge Ne’eman’s decision.

“Moreover, his decision is problematic – it hurts the party and obviates the thorough work done by the judge and the Election Commission,” said Hotovely, who stressed, “The judge ruled that the members of the Likud party placed me in the 20th spot on the list, so that’s what will happen.”

In his decision on Friday, Kleiner determined that the recount will be done in the following way: Any ballot in which either both Dichter and Hotovely were elected or in which neither was elected will be ignored.

On the other hand, ballots in which only one of Dichter or Hotovely were elected will be recounted, thus showing the real difference between the two.

Last week, Dichter fired that, in his view, several polling stations across the country “suffered from many serious flaws, bordering on criminal, that have cast a terrible stain on the entire movement. I can’t accept this position until these flaws are sorted out.”

While the court suggested that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu simply place Dichter in the #11 spot on the list, which is reserved for a candidate of Netanyahu’s choice, Dichter refused that compromise and made clear that he wants the final list to reflect the will of the voter.

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