Hollande: Iran Must Prove It Doesn’t Seek Nukes

October 31, 2012  

French President Francois Hollande on Wednesday said he wanted to see Iran perform “concrete acts” to prove it was not pursuing a nuclear arms drive after his first face-to-face meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

At a press conference with Netanyahu, whose aim during a two-day visit to France is to seek more pressure on Iran, Hollande warned that Paris would back “other sanctions” if Tehran failed to convince on its contested nuclear program.

“This is a threat which cannot be accepted by France,” Hollande said.

“We have voted for many sanctions and are ready to vote others as long as necessary,” he said, demanding “proof that Iran has abandoned this drive”.

Iran denies Israeli and Western suspicions that its nuclear program is a cover for efforts to build the atomic bomb but has been hit by several rounds of UN and Western sanctions over its activities.

Netanyahu hailed the “extremely important position” taken by Hollande.

Netanyahu has warned that a nuclear-armed Iran would pose an existential threat to the Jewish state and to the entire free world. 

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