Hizbullah Accuses Israel of ‘Cowardly Crime’

March 11, 2012  

The Iranian-funded Hizbullah terrorist organization has broken its silence and accused Israel of the “cowardly” elimination of a Gaza terrorist leader.

The IDF last Friday killed Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) leader Zohair al-Qaisi, who was planning another attack in southern Israel. The PRC also was involved with the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit nearly six years ago.

His issued a statement calling the Israeli counterterrorist maneuver a “terroristic, Zionist crime,” Now Lebanon reported. Al Qaisi and another PRC terrorist were killed.

“The assassination came at a time when the [Arab countries are not] following up on Zionist terrorism; they are preoccupied with internal affairs, [and] some Arabs [are following] the American-Zionist plan,” Hizbullah stated.

Hizbullah’s statements are the first time the terrorist group has commented on the renewal of violence on Israel’s southern border. Hamas has enjoyed support from Iran but relations with Tehran have cooled since Hamas took a stand against Syrian President Bashar Assad, a key ally of Iran.

Israel has staged approximately two dozen attacks on terrorist targets in Gaza since the hostilities renewed Friday night. The Air Force late Sunday morning targeted a terrorist cell trying to launch rockets at Israel. Earlier in the day, Hamas sources told foreign media that one of those killed in a strike was a 12-year-old boy, but there was no confirmation.

An Islamic Jihad leader rejected talks of a ceasefire, but Egypt has been trying to arrange to a halt in the missile attacks on Israel and the retaliation by the IDF.

Gaza terrorists want guarantees that Israel will not target their leaders, but Israel always has reserved the right to strike “ticking bombs” terrorists who are planning imminent attacks, such as the one the Air Force prevented Friday night with the targeting of the Popular Resistance Groups terrorists.

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