High Court Rejects Migron Deal

March 25, 2012  

In a disappointing decision for nationalists, the High Court Sunday threw out a compromise deal between the government and the residents of Migron, and set a new deadline for the eviction of the residents.

The three judge panel is headed by Supreme Court President Asher Grunis, and includes judges Miriam Naor and Salim Jubran. They gave the government until August 1 to evict the residents. 

“Now the petitioners are entitled to enjoy the fruits of the verdict,” the judges wrote. “They have the right to see the ongoing disruption of their rights end. The public interest in enforcement of the law must also be felt, as must the rule of law and respect for the law.”

The judges said that the compromise with residents of Migron cannot come at the expense of the petitioners. “As will be remembered,” they wrote, “we have expressed the wish that the residents of Migron will ‘wake up’ and accept willingly their obligation not to portray themselves as outlaws. We repeat this wish today.”

“The duty of carrying out a verdict is not a matter of choice,” the judges drove their point in. “This is a vital part of the rule of law that we are all subordinate to as part of the state of Israel’s values as a Jewish and democratic state.”

The residents of Migron reacted to the verdict, saying: “We received the harsh ruling today, which began with the false accusation regarding ‘private land’ and is ending with the eviction of peace-seeking people. We are certain that the government of Israel and its representative, Minister Benny Begin, will know how to find the proper solution to the situation that has arisen, in which a government sends its loyal citizens to settle and then is forced to evict them by High Court order.”

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