Hezbollah Threatened by Syrian War

October 29, 2013  

Hassan Nasrallah, head of the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah which is fighting alongside forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad, has shown a weakening stance in the face of expanding guerrilla warfare which favors rebel forces in their two and a half year battle to unseat Assad.

Hezbollah, which has thousands of fighters in Syria battling to protect Assad’s regime, is thought to be feeling pressure from the possible threat the rebels pose to them in Lebanon as the tide of battle turns. 

In his speech on October 28, Nasrallah, despite claiming wide victories by the Syrian army, said “there is no military solution,” and the time has come for a “political solution” with no preconditions.

The statement is interpreted as signifying a recognition of the great danger Lebanon faces from the rebel forces, particularly if Assad’s regime were to fall.

Political solutions have been in the works, with Iranian sources claiming agreements about a political approach to ending the crisis have been reached with UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi.

Nasrallah in his speech went on to blame Saudi Arabia for enlisting the rebels and giving them 30 billion dollars in aid. He went on to claim the oil state was inciting Sunnis in Lebanon, a development which could weaken Hezbollah’s influence.

His comments come as an upcoming major military offensive by pro-regime forces against a key rebel stronghold looms large, reportedly prompting veiled threats against the Iranian-backed terror group by Saudi Arabia.

A video posted by rebels from the Aleppo area on October 28, the same day as Nasrallah’s speech, shows how the nature of battle in urban areas favors the rebels in their battle against the Syrian army.

In the video rebels are seen firing an RPG at a Syrian tank from behind a wall at close range.  A Syrian soldier is seen escaping from the destroyed tank, only to be gunned down by a barrage of bullets from rebels mere meters from the tank.

The Syrian army is not succeeding in keeping its gains in the war, particularly in urban theaters. After capturing ground, Syrian forces are having trouble against the guerilla warfare which has targeted their supply lines as well, and included suicide attacks.

The rebels’ video can be seen below:

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