Hezbollah Fighters Execute Injured Syrian Civilians

October 10, 2013  

In one of the most disturbing scenes to emerge from the fighting in Syria, Hezbollah fighters operating under the command of the Syrian army, have been filmed celebrating and rejoicing, as they dragged injured Syrian civilians from a van and executed them.

Hezbollah are fighting alongside Bashar Al Assad’s men, in their bitter battle against rebels in the country, where over 110,000 people have been killed in the last two years.  

The video clip, which somehow fell into the hands of Syrian rebels, and looks to be filmed from a mobile phone of one of the execution squad, clearly documents a war crime perpetrated by the Hizbullah fighters.

The clip – which Arutz Sheva has decided not to show due to its disturbing, graphic content – shows the Hezbollah fighters dragging a number of seriously injured civilians wearing blood soaked clothes from a Syrian military vehicle. The civilians are seen being thrown to the ground whereupon Hezbollah fighters shoot them to death at close range.

At one stage, one of the injured begs for his life and attempts with his last strength to move. Hezbollah fighters standing over him, one of whom is directing the executions, mock the man quoting a slogan of the Syrian rebels “in the way of Allah,” and shortly after shots are seen fired at the injured man who dies on the spot. Hezbollah fighters are then heard celebrating with satisfaction at the executions.

Hezbollah were also previously been accused of murdering women and children in early June as they helped Assad’s men retake the city of Qusair, near the border with Lebanon, which they did in early June. 

Earlier this month, a former secretary-general of Hezbollah said that Iran, who sponsors and controls the terrorist organization, had ordered it to participate in the Syrian war.

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