Herzog: I’m More Extreme Against Terror Than Netanyahu

August 18, 2015  

Opposition head MK Yitzhak Herzog of the leftist Zionist Union party met with Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday afternoon, in which he made a new call for a peace deal.

The two met for over an hour, on the background of the recent wave of terrorist attacks that has seen expression in numerous stabbings conducted by Arab terrorists in recent days.

“I came to him in light of the developments and terror incidents that obligate a firm struggle against terror with all means available,” Herzog announced afterwards. “We must stop a third intifada. That means an uncompromising war on terror, and on this topic I am even more extreme than (Prime Minister Binyamin) Netanyahu.”

Ironically the statement comes the same Tuesday that an Iranian TV report surfaced showing Abbas’s Fatah terrorists in a terror tunnel from Gaza, asking for funds from Iran to destroy Israel.

Herzog emphasized to Abbas that they must give “hope to the peoples” by restarting peace talks.

“Don’t be concerned. Don’t be afraid. Dare and ensure a better future for our peoples,” Herzog added, claiming, “if there is a will, it is possible to reach a deal that will preserve the security of Israel for two years on the basis of a rare regional order created in recent months, which must not be missed and which enables backing from countries neighboring us and the Palestinians for a direct diplomatic process between us and them.”

“I clarified to Abu Mazen (Abbas) that I will continue to try and convince the public in Israel – which is continuing to lose its confidence – of the necessity of the process and the need to advance it quickly,” concluded the Opposition head.

Herzog has made clear that his idea of a peace deal involves dividing Jerusalem and making concessions on massive areas of land in Judea and Samaria.

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