Hate Crimes Against Jews in Monsey, N.Y.

February 8, 2012  

Police arrested four people, charged with committing hate crimes, after a man was attacked in the Monsey area of the town of Ramapo, Rockland County, New York. Monsey has a large Jewish population, including sizable religious Zionist, hassidic and hareidi communities.

Two men, allegedly, approached a 19-year-old and “hit the victim in the head with a double-sided knife.” Police say the attackers ran off when the victim shouted for help, but the “victim was not hurt during the attack because the knife was sheathed,” NBC News reported.

Stanley Joseph, Jennifer Amand, Qwesi Williams were detained on Tuesday afternoon, suspected of perpetrating hate crimes. Police said that at least two of the suspects were targeting Jews.

A fourth man, Marco Landino, was detained for providing the weapon.

The police reported that, “[t]here are some people who aren’t the greatest people out there,” but “[s]o far, I think it’s a very safe community. We get along with most people. There are bad apples out there.”

Jonathan Gruenebaum, a resident of Ramapo, told NBC News that, “It’s a predominantly Jewish neighborhood, and there are tensions… But there’s no basis for it. Good for the cops for getting them.”

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