Haredi soldiers thwart bomb attack in Binyamin

February 3, 2016  

Soldiers from the Netzah Yehuda battalion, also known as Nahal Haredi, helped thwart a major terror attack after seizing a cache of weapons during a security operational activity earlier this week. 

The soldiers discovered the assault rifles, grenades and combat vests inside a vehicle parked in the village of Gilazun, adjacent to the Jewish town of Beit El in Samaria. 

The vehicle was located not far from what is known as the “V.I.P checkpoint” at the entrance to Beit El, where just last Sunday three IDF soldiers were injured in a shooting attack. 

This operational success is joined by several other security achievements by Netzah Yehuda who has helped prevent numerous terror attacks in the northern Binyamin region and Jerusalem in recent months. 

In light of these successes, commanders of the Binyamin Regional Brigade awarded a Certificate of Excellence to the soldiers of the Netzah Yehuda battalion in an official ceremony last Wednesday. 

Rabbi Yaron David, one of the rabbis of the Nahal Haredi foundation which founded the unit, praised the operation, noting “the seizure of the weapons and their large numbers illustrate the importance of the battalion’s activities and the need to maintain the soldiers’ high vigilance” 

“Soldiers of the Netzah Yehuda battalion are working around the clock to protect the citizens of Israel, in any place and any time, while continuing to go with the way of the Torah.” 

“Besiyata dishmaya (with the help of heaven – ed.), we will continue to stand firm against our enemies, while maintaining the proper routine of any civilians in the sectors we will be stationed at,” Rabbi David vowed.

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