Haniyeh: No to Disarmament

September 13, 2014  

Ismail Haniyeh, head of Hamas’s Gaza government, has joined Hamas politburo head Khaled Mashaal’s call to indict Israel at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague.

In a meeting with reporters in Gaza, Haniyeh expressed opposition to direct talks with Israel, and stressed that the Palestinian terrorist groups will not disarm.

He called on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to reconsider its position on the matter of negotiations with Israel, and added that Hamas would like to build strategic ties with western and Arab countries, and especially Egypt.

Like Mashaal, he called on PA head Mahmoud Abbas to sign the ICC’s “Rome statute” so that it can file lawsuits against Israel’s leaders, whom he called “war criminals,” at the Hague.

Haniyeh sees great importance in cooperation with “human rights” groups by Hamas – which is, of course, a genocidal terrorist organization. In a speech on October 19, 2013, he explained the role of liberal forces and human rights groups in Hamas’s strategy against Israel.

“We place our trust in the support of the liberals in the world, who oppose the occupation and the injustice that the Zionists perpetrate against our people,” he said. “Blessings to all of the committees, the personages, the civil society organizations and the human rights organizations, which worked to break the siege on Gaza and for the struggle against the fence and the settlements.”

“Additionally, we remember some of the world’s liberals, who stood beside us against the Zionist war against our land, and this matter reflects the nations’ awareness of the justice of our cause and the extent of the injustice and racism that the Zionsit entity perpetrates against our nation.”

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