Hamas terrorists killed in Gaza tunnel collapse

January 26, 2016  

A Hamas tunnel collapsed on Tuesday night in the al-Tuffah neighborhood of Gaza City, Palestinian Authority-based media reported.

Anywhere from six to 11 people were killed in the incident, according to the reports, and their bodies were taken to the local Shifa Hospital.

The exact reason for the collapse of the tunnel is unclear, but Walla! News, citing Palestinian media, said it appears the collapse was due to the stormy weather in the area.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Health in Gaza reported that a Hamas terrorist was killed in a tunnel collapse in Khan Yunis, according to Walla!.

News of the tunnel collapse comes following reports that Hamas has been investing great efforts and funds into rebuilding its terror tunnel network that was destroyed during Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014.

32 out of 49 terror tunnels were identified and destroyed by IDF forces during Operation Protective Edge. Roughly one-third of the tunnels were dug east of the security fence; on Israeli soil.

While it is unclear how many tunnels were rebuilt and how many were newly dug, the report said that the number of currently existing tunnels most likely is similar to their number before Protective Edge.

As recently as last summer, one year after Protective Edge, Hamas released a video clip showing its terrorist fighters training for attacks against Israel inside terror tunnels.

In the video, the terrorists of the so-called “tunnel unit” were seen practicing organized action, infiltration, attacking Israel military and civilian targets and evacuation of the wounded.

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