Hamas Publishes Confession of ‘Israeli Spy’

June 28, 2015  

The Al-Majd website, used by the internal security apparatus of Hamas, has warned the Palestinian public about the growing attempts of Israeli intelligence to tap calls on their mobile phones, and tells the story of Shadi (not his real name) who was allegedly recruited “through deceit” to become an informer for Israeli security agencies. 

Shadi, who Hamas claims is married with two children and works for one of the Hamas government institutions, received several years ago a phone call from a man who introduced himself as an intelligence officer of the Palestinian Authority (PA) government in Ramallah.

The caller told him that Shadi is a potential candidate for gathering information about government officials working in the Hamas government to take legal action against them. For the cooperation, he promised Shadi tenure and career advancement.

A day later, Shadi received another phone call in which he was asked to find out information about Hamas government officials, and in other conversations to provide financial information about people and buildings used by the Hamas government, the presence of a vehicle facing one of the houses in his neighborhood, and more. Shadi was offered $300 for that information. 

During Operation Cast Lead (December 2008 – January 2009), Shadi was asked to go to one of the orchards and check to see if there are people or other signs of life there. He reported what he saw, and was instructed to immediately leave the area; it was bombed shortly thereafter by Israeli Air Force (IAF) planes.

Shadi then called the Ramallah government official and told him about the Israeli attack soon after he reported what was happening in the field. The official then admitted, for all intents and purposes, that he was an Israeli intelligence official, and that the cooperation is important into order to stop terrorism and promote peace and security. 

Shadi agreed to cooperate under the condition that his life not be endangered for the service. However, he was arrested in late 2009 by the intelligence apparatus of Hamas, and during his interrogation he admitted providing information that led to the elimination of terrorists; it is unclear what ultimately happened to him. 

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