Hamas Flags Taken Down in Jerusalem

October 17, 2011  

The trademark green Hamas flags flew over homes in Issawiya, located across the French Hill in Jerusalem this morning. Residents of Issawiya were asked to remove the flags, which apparently had been placed in connect to the Shalit prisoner exchange.

A correspondent told Arutz Sheva that a complaint had been filed with the police regarding the flags. However, two hours later, the flags still remained in place. According to the correspondent, the flags were first spotted on the first day of Sukkot last week. A local gas station had a Hamas flag flying while the Israeli flag had been taken down.

After Issawiya residents refused to comply today, the Jerusalem Municipality sent firemen to remove the flags, in the presence of police forces.

In recent weeks, there have been several other incidents of disturbance in Israel’s capital. Rocks thrown last week at the Jerusalem Light Rail on Monday evening, October 1, smashed the light rail’s window. In another incident, rocks were thrown at a bus near Yaffo Gate in the city. A bus driver consequently lost control of the bus and hit a wall. The driver was lightly wounded but the passengers remained unhurt. 

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