Hamas Demands UN Secretary-General Resign for Believing Israel

August 30, 2015  

Hamas has made an official request to fire United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon “in light of his covering up criminal acts by the Israel Occupation Force in the Gaza Strip.”

Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri said in a Facebook post that an investigation into the missing Israeli soldier Hadar Goldin, which was broadcast on al-Jazeera on Thursday, includes embarrassing details about Ban Ki-moon.

According to Abu Zuhri, Ban accepted the “false” Israeli narrative which claimed that Hamas broke a ceasefire. He claims that the narrative ignores the deaths of more than 170 people in Rafiah that day.

Hamas demands that Ban apologize and resign his position due to “his involvement in this serious crime.” It also insists that the “Israeli occupation” is responsible for the escalation and attacks in Rafiah two hours after the ceasefire began.

The organization further claims the documentary shows that Goldin’s comrades did not enter the terror tunnel in order to find him. Instead, it says the soldiers took the body of a terrorist who was wearing an IDF uniform because they believed it to be Goldin.

The Goldin family has responded that, “Hamas’s lies and slanders are heard again and receive a supportive stage on al-Jazeera, which is even more outrageous. We trust the IDF, the security system, and the State of Israel, and we see in them the only source for accurate information. We insist on increasing the pressure on Hamas in order to bring Hadar and Oron [Shaul], whose bodies were stolen, to graves in Israel.”

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