Hamas debut on Israeli TV: 4-minute break-in of propaganda

March 12, 2016  

Friday night viewers of Channel Two TV in Israel were treated to four minutes of terrorist propaganda. It turned out that precisely as Hamas terrorists were firing rockets into Israel – there were no casualties – another arm of Hamas or an associated terrorist organization was breaking in, live, to the satellite broadcast on live television. 

The pirate footage featured videos of terrorist activity in various locations around Israel, as well as warnings, threats, and the like. 

This was reportedly the second time in recent years that Hamas had broken in to Channel Two broadcasts. 

The break-in is accomplished by broadcasting a very strong signal on the frequency used by Channel Two

Israel has been attempting in recent days to shut down television stations in the Palestinian Authority that broadcast incitement and hatred of Israelis, without significant success. It has shut down an incitement-replete radio station, however, and European satellite company Eutelsat has announced that it is stopping Hamas broadcasts on its satellite because of the incitement it transmits.

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