Hamas claims to have exposed ‘most dangerous Israeli agent’

November 18, 2015  

A Hamas website dealing with issues related to intelligence and preventive security reported on Tuesday that Hamas’s security forces in Gaza exposed “the most dangerous intelligence agent” who allegedly worked for the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet).

According to the report, the 49-year-old agent, who was identified only by the initials BG, began working for Israeli intelligence in 2004 but was exposed only in the middle of 2015.

During this period, the website claimed, he worked with five different Shin Bet operators and provided them with detailed information about Palestinian terrorist organizations, including the locations of rocket launchers, tunnels, weapons storage spaces, and homes and cars of terrorists.

The site also noted that as a result of information provided by the agent, Israel was able to eliminate more than ten terrorists and attacked police centers and mosques.

It should be noted that Hamas regularly claims to have captured “Israeli spies”, and many times it tries them and sentences them to death.

Last week a military court in Gaza sentenced three men from Gaza City’s Zaytoun neighborhood to prison, in addition to penal labor, after they were convicted of collaborating with Israeli intelligence.

One of the men, 30, was sentenced to 15 years in prison, while another 30-year-old suspect was sentence with nine years. The third man, 25, was given a seven-year sentence.

The group executed 18 men in August of 2014 for collaboration with Israel. The move was blasted by the Palestinian Authority (PA), which said that the executions had been conducted illegally outside of the Palestinian court system and could thus not be considered to have gone through fair process.

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