Ha’am Itanu Party’s Holon Offices Vandalized

February 11, 2015  

Officials of the Yahad-Ha’am Itanu party, headed by former Shas MK Eli Yishai, filed a complaint with police Wednesday over vandalism and damage to the party’s headquarters in Holon. Police have opened an investigation.

So far, there is no evidence as to the specific identities of the perpetrators, but the vandalism – which included graffiti that read “traitor” and personal insults directed at Yishai – indicated that the people behind the damage were associated with Shas, which Yishai broke away from several months ago to form Yahad. In a statement, Yahad said that the party had been the victim of similar vandalism in other cities.

Yishai is being protected 24 hours a day by a special Knesset security official. The Knesset assigned him a bodyguard after the MK received numerous threats. Supporters of the party said that there was “little doubt” that Shas was behind the attacks, as it expressed its frustration at “losing its monopoly on the Sephardic haredi public.” Recent polls have shown Yahad’s support growing, and the party is expected to receive above the minimum number of votes needed for Knesset representation, and receive at least four seats in the next Knesset.

In an official statement, Yahad said that it was “relying on police to track down the vandals quickly. This is damaging to democracy and and attempt to threaten party activists. We will not be intimidated and we will continue our efforts to unify and spread love of Israel.”

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