Tel Aviv is a fabulous travel destination, and certainly one on people’s minds – Internet giant Google recently shared that it was the fifth trending destination for the upcoming year.

Revealing the top 10 trending destinations in 2020, Google listed Da Nang in Vietnam in first place, followed by Sao Paolo, Seoul, Tokyo and Tel Aviv. The second half of the list was comprised of Marseille, Vienna, Bangkok Dubai and Perth.

The lineup was based on Google hotel search data in December 2019.

In good news for Israelis, they should be able to visit all the cities on the prestigious list, even Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, with which Israel doesn’t have formal diplomatic ties. The Muslim-majority emirate is hosting this year’s Expo and invited Israel to participate. This milestone open up the gates to further Israeli tourism.

Back in this corner of the Middle East, meanwhile, it comes as no surprise that Tel Aviv nabbed such a top spot. In December, Forbes ranked it the second-best city to visit in the world, preceded only by Las Vegas.

In October, Condé Nast Traveler named Israel in 15th place in its “Top 20 Countries in the World: Readers’ Choice Awards 2019.”